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What is love for you?

It is easy to love someone who loves you back, but what happens when they no longer fancy you? They treat you as if you don’t matter. Your existence is insignificant. What then?

The natural response is to be angry, and hurt. How could they do this to you? How could they use you, and throw you away? Was it all a lie, how could they destroy you like this? This is how I use to think and it would fill my existence with negative energy. I could feel, more and more bitterness grow inside of me. It didn’t help me, all it did was make me feel more like a victim.

Love is like a gift. It is something you give, for the sake of giving. It is not about what it does for you, or whether it is returned. The hardest moment this is put to the test is when a relationship sours. Can you still wish someone well when they no longer want you in their life? Can you let go for the sake of their happiness even though it means losing yours? This is the battle of Love verses Ego. Which will you choose?

How much love you receive in a lifetime is unknown, however how much you give is up to you. You have an unlimited amount of love to give, whether it be to your family, a loved one, pets, friends, strangers, etc. So many people need this love, and you can make such a difference. You can help other people with the same problems as you, or you can call up a family member just to say, “I love you.” If you say love is what ruined you, you are extremely mistaken. Love cannot ruin you, it is a power that can force you to go into 2 options, positive or negative. The decision of ruining yourself, or empowering yourself is up to you. You always have a choice.