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Like rain that falls from heavy clouds, our hearts filled with too much emotion, start to cry. This is the way our body heals itself. Like a rainy storm, the flow of water is relentless. Your emotions are uncontrollable and the water is flooding you. When will this end? Will it ever end?

Yes, the storm will end. It always does. It may feel like it never will but you will see. From the darkest place, a glimmer of sunshine. How beautiful, a light that brings you hope, and It grows stronger and stronger.

This light, will bring you strength, and give you power to conquer your dreams. Everyday you grow stronger, and stronger. Soon most of your days are filled with sunny days. Your mind is at peace. It is a different kind of happiness. It is the kind that depends on no one. You have gained confidence in your ability to survive. You can accomplish anything now. You have learned to be complete on your own.

You look at your reflection now, all the color in your cheeks have returned, and your eyes sparkle again with life. You made it, you are okay. Then falls, a tear. Just one, but a tear of blood. A message from the deepest part of your heart. The scars are there, your battle wounds. You will never forget, that one you love, but the difference is, you have won, you are okay now.