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“Rose Meditative”, is an expression on love. It is painted by Salvador Domingo Dali who was a Spanish surrealist painter. He was born in Figueres, Spain in the year 1904 and died in 1982. Dali was best known for his striking and bizarre images and he employed extensive symbolism in his works. His painting, ‘Rose meditative’, done during 1958, is a rare deviation from his favorite theme of surrealism. This is an oil-on-canvas painting, measuring 36 cm * 28 cm. The single rose without stem, suspended in air, is suggestive of contemplative meditation.

What to look at:

A single rose, in brilliant red color, without its stem, is seen suspended in mid-air. The sky, in typical blue with silver clouds, occupies most of the space in the display with the rose situated in the center. The landscape is at the lower end of the painting; it is presented in a dwarfing and dreary manner. With the rose painted on a massive scale, two tiny figures, standing close together, are visible on the ground. The shadows of the tiny figures are seen stretching across.

My Analysis:
The rose’s presence is deliberately questionable. Is it real or is it a fake? The rose is often used as a symbol of love and Dali, often used it this way or to link it to the female sex. If this rose symbolizes love, then perhaps the question is linked to the two people below as a couple? Is this massive red rose of love, real or not? The title, Rose Meditative’, suggest the floating rose is in a sense of meditation. So what is meditation? Meditation, is often practiced in Budhism, as the art of recognizing your soul. It is the recognition your body is just a shell, containing your soul. This can be used to explain the significant size difference in the couple below. They are black and colorless, and the world around them the same. This is an accurate description of how one feels when they fall in love, completely consumed by the power of love, and the capture of ones’ soul. In the end, we don’t know whether it is real or not, but the power of it is undeniable.