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Nothing can be more painful than being dumped by someone you love. How can they be madly in love with you one second, and then just walk away and go on with their life? Most people immediately feel used and worthless, and their self confidence hits the floor. However, often times there are other reasons  that people do not realize Have nothing to do with them. Do not immediately assume you are the problem.

1.) Pretending To be someone else. Often times people are attracted to someone who possess qualities that they do not posses. Subconsciously, when someone starts to like someone, but they somehow feel they are not good enough, they start pretending to be someone they think you would fall in love with. However, over time, this becomes exhausting and they start resenting you for not being able to be who they are. Sometimes these type of people start dating someone else, and immediately find love. Do not think this is because you were not good enough. This is simply because they never showed you their true self. You fell in love with someone they created, and therefore, in reality you two were never compatible.

2.) Running from Love. Some people, have issues when it comes to trust, and being vulnerable and accepting love. In the beginning they feel like it is something they want. However, they never realized accepting it means, accepting responsibilities, and losing control of some aspects of their life.This scares them, and they feel it is better for them to run. These type of people usually do not have many long term or serious relationships.

3.) Immaturity. If they dumped you, in a harsh way, most likely they are extremely immature. Which means you are dealing with someone, who is not yet capable of putting someone else above their needs. It doesn’t mean they didn’t care for you, but it does mean, they mainly care about Doing whatever they want. Until, they gain the maturity in taking responsibility for their actions, they won’t be ready for a “mature relationship. Being at different stages of maturity make it impossible for a relationship to work.

4.) Success over Love. Sometimes people give up love for success. Maybe its money, power, fame, or a chance to further a career, but some people do not put “love” as their first passion. Everyone has their reasons for their disillusionment of happiness, but sometimes people are just unable to see “love” as a precious thing. Many people, chase the “idea” of being famous, or rich, and when they achieve it realize the emptiness it brings.

5.) Lack Of Identity. There are people that do not have any idea who they are. They maybe popular, and have no problem adjusting themselves in a social scene but when it comes to knowing who they really are they just don’t know? Running from you can be, a result of not knowing what they want or who they are. If they quickly run into the arms of someone else, or move somewhere new hey may fall in this category.

6.) They don’t love them self. These type of people, really don’t like them self, and in the beginning they might have chased you to be with them but as soon as you started to fall for them, they lose interest. Why? This is because they don’t like themselves and the fact that you like them, and desire all their flaws, some how makes you desperate. These type of people, usually chase what they cannot get. When they get it, they loose respect for it. They make the person they are with feel like they are the problem, but in reality they are the one who cannot love them self.

7.) Fear of abandonment. Sometimes people leave because of past experiences. Whether it be parents or former loved ones leaving them, some people start to get scared when they realize the potential of getting hurt.

8.) Growing apart. Sometimes you may not realize but, the person you both were in the beginning of the relationship and the person you are now, are no longer the same. If you can manage to grow together, then the bond strengthens. However, often times, you start growing apart., things just don’t fit like before.

9.) Wanting You to Have Better. Sometimes, when men lose ability to take care of you in some way, they will back out. For some men this is an important issue that affects their ego, and sometimes they will just disappear because they don’t want you to know this has happen.

10.) Secrets and Guilt. Abruptly disappearing, can also be caused by secrets this person has kept. These secrets cause guilt, and therefore, over time, they may just want to disappear from the situation.


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