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What would happen if all your emotional baggage took physical form? How much would you have?? 

Luckily, or unluckily for us, our emotions are invisible, and take up no physical space. We can collect as much emotional baggage as we like, and deny we feel them for quite some time. However, there will always be a moment, where the weight becomes too much, and you can no longer deny it, 

What is considered emotional baggage? Anything that causes you fear, anxiety, stress, sadness, and is not resolved, will be stored away as baggage.  Often times the darker the emotion, the deeper your mind will push it. A collection of this negative storage will surface and it is important to know how to clear out as much of it as you can, but how?

The best way to clearing some emotional baggage, is dealing with what you feel. Going out to socialize, or staying busy, is a good way to get through the day, but when you feel you’ve regained a healthy amount of strength, it’s time to deal with it. Here are some ways to lightening your load.

1.) Cry. Find a private place to just let go. It releases so much anxiety, and stress. I highly recommend, preparing yourself a nice bath, set some candles, play very sad music, dim the lights, and cry. Don’t muffle the sound, just let it out. If you live with family, and you are embarrassed someone might hear you then maybe cry while the water is running. Whatever the case let it out. You will feel instantly lighter.

2. Checklists. Create a list of all your fears. It can be anything from fearing spiders, to getting fat, or disappointing others. Whatever it is, writing it down is already step one in making what you fear less scary. Once you see what it is,  from there you can decide which ones you can deal with.

3. Face your fears.  You can’t imagine how many things we build up in our mind, and convince ourselves we could never accept or get through it. If you just get through the fear, you can’t imagine the release. The only way to be free is to face it.

Imagine how much lighter you will feel by dealing with your pain. Please take the time to listen to your inner voice and ” feel” the emotions.Just because you cannot see the baggage you have collected, it doesn’t mean you cannot feel it. Lighten your load, so you can enjoy the moments you will experience.