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How is your relationship with yourself? Society has put a negative stigma on loving yourself. “I love me”, should not be taken out of context. It is not about being a self absorbed, egoist, or spoiled brat. Truly loving yourself, means doing what is right for you, mind, body and soul. This may not be the easiest thing, but if you love yourself, that is what you should do,

Mind. When was the last time you went on a date with you and your thoughts. Listen to your voice, it may not say the things you want to hear, but don’t push them away. If your voice has become negative, and feeds you only negative thoughts, this is a sign your relationship with yourself is in 911 mode. Challenge your mind to think about good things about yourself, and what you like about yourself. If you can’t find anything, don’t give up it just means your mind is out of practice in being positive. Think of it like any muscle in your body, you need to just work it out, it will get stronger. Another way to show love to your mind is challenge it. Read books, write poetry, meet new people, learn a new language, whatever it is keep your mind flexible. The more knowledge you give it, the more it will grow. Your mind is like a sponge, keep watering it.

Body. Are you eating well? Loving yourself also includes making sure you are feeding your body with the proper fuel. Are you eating a balanced diet? Putting junk in your body, is a sign you just don’t care. Treat your body as a temple. Get a healthy amount of exercise, and don’t forget the greens. It may not be tasty but if you love yourself, do it.

Soul. Be a good person. If you love yourself, never forget the power of being nice. Helping someone else or making someone happy, is food for your soul. Volunteer, donate, help out, whatever it is, being useful to someone else will give you confidence, and a healthy dose of happiness. Meditation, is also a good way of strengthening your soul, it well help you become aware of its power. Lastly, don’t be fake. Be who you are, accepting your true self is the only way to show yourself some love.

The relationship you have with yourself is the first one. Learn how to respect yourself, and do what is best for it. Truly loving who you are will attract the right people, and bring you the right energy.

Take care friend.