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Everyone has a Soul, and tour soul is born with a twin called twin flame. Twin Flames are not as well known as Soul Mates, but it is actually the purest form of  soul connections. Twin flames, is said to be your souls “twin”. You have only one twin while you can have many soul mates. You and your twin are individual souls, that run on the same frequency and when you meet, you bond together like magnets. However, if you think meeting your soul will mean “paradise” and eternal bliss, you would be quite surprised. The truth is, twin flames often do not end “happily ever after”.  In the beginning phase, their souls burn bright in the flames of Love. However, when the troubles come, they are often overwhelming. The behavior goes from hot to cold, conflicts, arguments, and feelings of craziness emerge.  Why would there be so much conflict with your twin?

The answer is, they work as your truth mirror. The more emotional baggage you guys have the harder it will be to make it work. In the presence of your twin, there is no room to cover anything, and the battle between your Ego begins. Everything is exposed, the good the bad, everything. Nothing blocks your closeness. This means all your secrets, insecurities, past issues, everything that might need healing, comes to the surface. Unfortunately, this is a lot to handle for most people, and it usually breaks.

A twins reunion, serves a higher purpose. It is not mainly meant for your personal pleasure, or happiness. The real purpose is for your spiritual growth and awakening. You will unknowingly start to learn about esoteric wisdom and experiencing other states of consciousness. Sometimes this experience will make you feel like you are going crazy but it is purely about learning tough lessons. The lessons will always be about self and accepting yourself. Even if your backgrounds are totally different there is a closeness and similarity of spirit that is unexplainable. Your connection will be telepathic, and a bond between the souls. Hugging this person will feel like nourishment.

Have you met your twin Soul?