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Sometimes, accepting that something is over is the hardest thing to do. Your mind goes black, and the only thing keeping you going is the hope to fix it. “Maybe if I just send one more message, or if I could just say the right things, this could all be fixed.” After all theres a solution to everything, right?

First of all, you need to ask yourself one thing. Do you want longterm happiness or a quick fix? If longterm happiness is what you want, then it is important for you to not chase someone who does not want to be with you.  At best, you may get them back for a short time, but it will not last. Once a person, has the desire to live a life without you, you have to let them do it. Bribing, begging, reasoning, will never work longterm. They will still have the desire to be free from you at one point or another. It is like a bird in a cage that wants to to be free. You have to have the courage to let them go. If you really love them, your only chance left is to let them figure out what it is they want. If they come back, it means they have learned a valuable lesson. Do not deprive them of thIs lesson. They need to miss you, and to realize your importance, and most importantly your WORTH! You can not be in a relationship with someone until they realize this, and more importantly until you realize this!

Of course, it is your choice whether you wait around for that day or accept them back. Who knows you might very well find Mr. or Ms. Right, all I can say to that is, “Its their loss for letting someone like you go! ” 🙂

Take care friend. xx