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What is Faith to Love? Now a days, people who have Faith are an endangered species. We live in a time where there are answers to almost anything we question. Whether it be Google, or your IPhone you can find answers everywhere. Having facts let you believe. This is the mindset of our era, but how does it affect the way we love? What is Love without Faith?

Love, like Faith, is something to believe without facts. Their beauty exists because it is unexplainable, and unpredictable. It can never be proven with facts, it is just you, your heart, and your ability to believe. Without the presence of Faith, you will constantly search for a “guarantee”. Searching for solid evidence while doubting yourself, will only pull you further away from Love. That is why, when you cannot “trust” love cannot exist. Love is completely based on “believing”. The stronger you believe, the stronger you love.

The idea that, “if it is love their actions would show it”, is completely false. Everyone has their issues, and actions can be quite deceiving. I know so many stories of lovers, who appear as loving by their actions, but in reality are driven by other motivations such as money or power. There are also people,who truly love, but from their actions, it would be expected they did not care at all. Never forget people are extremely complex, just because their actions don’t show love, it doesn’t mean they don’t exist. For example, there are people, who run from love or intimate emotions, or people who subconsciously break something good, because of fear it will happen Β to them first. There are also people who choose, their career or money over love, and spend a lifetime of regret, and heartache. I myself have also said things I didn’t mean or avoided contact because it hurt too much. Lets just be honest, people do the strangest thing when love is involved.

This is why faith is so important. During the hard moments, you need faith. Choose to believe it was Love, and leave your heart open to love again. Don’t lose faith. Love exists only by how much you can believe in it. Love is Magic, do not cheapen it with your logic.