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Feeling the blues? I think now a days, we can all use a bit of hope. Why not carry a bit of hope everywhere you go? 

Here’s what you will need:

1. Star. Anything that reminds you of a star. Remember the darker things look, The brighter you shine! After all the darkest skies have the brightest stars! 🙂

2. Paper clip. Are you feeling like your life is a mess? No worries, sort it out. Sometimes it is as easy as organizing your problems into piles. Paper clip the mess in categories, and fix them one pile at a time. 

3. Eraser. Made a horrible mistake? It’s okay, most things in life can be redone, just try again! Some problems cannot be erased but, your life is continuos. Think of each day as a fresh start, yesterday is erased, and today is new. 

4. Lock. We all have our skeletons, and often times these secrets suffocate us, leaving no room for hope. Relax you heart, lock up what is bad and make room for what is good.

5. Penny. Hey Rome wasn’t built in a day. Let it remind you it take a penny to make a million, and therefore, sometimes the smallest step is the biggest one. 

6. Rubber band. If you look at a band, it seems like a small, limited circle. However, when you start to play with it you realize its possibilities. It can stretch more than double its length, you can tie things, you can use it as a slingshot, there are endless possibilities. Just like you.