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Are you lost? Do you wish someone could just tell you which way to go to be happy? You’ve made so many wrong turns, and met with so many dead ends, which is the right way? 

The only way to save yourself, is to realize your dreams. As a child you are encouraged to dream. Nobody would laugh at you, no matter how impossible your dream may seem. However, now as adults, there is a level of criticism for those who “dream”.  People believe, it’s somehow too late and a sign of immaturity. Dreams are not only for kids. Adults also need to dream. It is from your dreams you can build goals.  These goals will give your life purpose and direction. It will show you which way.

When you go to bed tonight close your eyes and imagine yourself happy in one year. What are you doing? Will you be living somewhere new? Will you be packing for a vacation to Paris? Will you be a power blogger? What is your deepest dream for the person you will be in a year?

When you can visualize yourself living whatever your dreams are, you are ready to start setting your goals. Figure out a plan on how you can become that happy person you visualize. What things would you have to change. Start researching, planning, and finally making your dreams a reality. Have you always wanted to visit Zimbabwe? Then next year is when you will go! Google prices, and costs, and then start saving.

If you live your life following your dreams, your doors will start to open. You will meet more people, see more places, and finally feel like you are living rather than waiting to live.

Take care friend.