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First comes Love, then comes Power, and then comes the need for Self Control?

Love in the beginning, is beautiful. It is like an unexpected gift that fills you with happiness, and gratitude. This is the part we all talk about and what we define as love. However, Love is a very powerful thing. As soon as your partner loves you, you gain their Power. As soon as you are loved, you gain Power. It is an exchange of powers, and this is where Self Control becomes a necessity. You have the choice to respect this power, or to abuse it.

Self Control, in love is extremely difficult. In one sense you have to follow all your desires and be free, but in another sense you need to control any demons you may have. Just as you cannot do whatever you want in the classroom, workplace, or society, the same rules apply in love. You must constantly practice self control in respecting, trusting, and supporting each other. However, often times people lash out and avoid controlling what they do or say with people they trust and love. You are their safe place, and sometimes that leads to bad behavior. This is why it is often said,that people push away the one they need the most. Never forget there is a difference in being open and honest with each other, and being plain disrespectful and rude. When you share everything about each other, becoming so close, it becomes harder to remember that you should never take advantage or take each other for granted. Self Control is a life long practice. Controlling what you “want” from what is “right” is your Maturity and your strength. Every time you can fight that urge to do what you “want” and do what is right you gain strength in your self power. No matter how much you love someone, and how much pain they may cause you, always do what is right. Sometimes things you don’t say, when you want to, and you can, defines you as the person you really are.