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Have you ever felt Love + Hate at the same time? It is probably the most explosive combination you will ever experience. Unfortunately, usually great loves like these are like fireworks. You fall madly in love, you experience a bond like never before, your chemistry together explodes like a spectacular firework and then before you know it,the show is over. The sky returns to black, and only the smoke is left.

What happened? Doesn’t great love like this last forever? Unfortunately, this type of love will not last forever.Lets get one thing straight, it is not the love that fails, it is usually the people who fail. You have to be a very strong person to handle such intensity, and usually one or both of you will give up, break up or mess up. Parting ways is the most likely outcome, but these two people will never forget each other. There will always be a place in their hearts that remains bittersweet. Very much like fireworks, great love like this happens very rarely. If you think about it logically, it makes sense that such love has a short life span. It is explosive. Your love for this person is so deep, everything they do affects you. Your fears, expectations, weaknesses, all magnified 10 times. The emotions are so extreme, it is impossible to balance your energies. Focusing on your own life becomes impossible, and usually leads to feeling like the other is almost a burden. However, this doesn’t mean it is not love, or this is a sign they never loved you. This is the moment your strength as a person is tested. Love is a battle field. Love like this is actually the purest form of love, and it is extremely potent. It is like drinking straight vodka everyday with nothing to dilute it.  If you have experienced it, you know how crazy it feels. Accept this is the nature of this kind of love. Don’t beat yourself up if it ends. Cherish the memories, not everyone, can experience this magic! It might have been short, but love like this doesn’t happen to everyone.

Love + ( rational thinking) = Candle ( long lasting relationship)

This formula of love is the kind that you can expect a long term relationship. It may not be as passionate or glamorous but it is a different kind of love. It is like diluted alcohol. This is the kind, where you don’t lose yourself, and usually you share similar beliefs, morals, common goals, and family values.  It creates for a good partnerships, and you bond together in a long lasting relationship. Your love burns slow and peaceful like a candle, and you are able to grow and support each other.

I think understanding the difference between these two relationships will help you to not blame yourself, and to decide what it is you want for yourself. As for me, I am a crazy artist so of course I will always choose fireworks, even if I know it is extremely unhealthy, and I will most likely die crazy, alone and probably have a lot of animals.

Choose wisely friend.

Take care. Xx