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Our inner voice. We all have it, but often times when you are in a relationship this voice becomes fainter and weaker until you just forget that its even there. Now you are alone and it’s just you and your inner voice. Silence. How lonely it is. Most likely, your inner voice has grown bitter from your neglect, and is now feeding you negative thoughts and shooting you with low self esteem and smashing your confidence. Boosting your relationship with your inner self, is where you will find your strength, she is your minnie Me, and she holds the key to your happiness. So how do you patch things up with your long lost self? Here are 5 easy ways.

1.) Talk to yourself. I don’t advice doing it in public, but when you are at home practice having a conversation with yourself. Ask her how she is doing, and what she did today and what her plans are for tomorrow. Talking to yourself will rebuild a bond with your inner self.

2.) Ask your Whys And Whats?? This is your time to ask as many whys and whats as possible. Ask why you feel sad, or why you prefer orange juice over pineapple juice, or what you want? Asking yourself questions, whether deep or silly, is a good way to start understanding who you are and what you want.

3.) Visualize Minnie You. In your head visualize a smaller person existing in your heart and speak to her. Minnie you will play the voice of your heart, and you will take the roll as the voice of reason (brain). For example, if your heart says, “I love him, and miss him, I think I will call him” It is your job to speak to your minnie self and say, “I understand you miss him, but you have done so well being strong, why give up now? You know only REGRET is waiting if you call.

4.) Dreams. Ask your Minnie self, what it is you want with your life. What is it that makes you happy? At first you may not get an answer, but if you keep asking, it will tell you, because she knows.

5.) A Date with Me And myself. Have you ever gone to the zoo or movies alone? Sound crazy? A date with yourself is the best thing to do? You can’t imagine the things your mind says when you do things alone. Its a chance to hear your opinions completely unfiltered, uninterrupted, and 100% purely your thoughts.

Good luck!