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If you were given a magical Love potion that could make anyone love you forever, what would you do?

I first thought about sprinkling it onto my ex. Then I thought about it again, and I don’t believe that would solve anything. The truth is, I don’t think love was the main problem. Our break happened, because of our volatile behavior when we were together. Alone, we are very peaceful creatures, but together we are a ball of fire. When things were good it was magic, anything seemed possible. When it was bad, it was destructive for both of us. We were so different, and there was always a level of misunderstanding between us. It was as if we spoke 2 languages, and because we loved eachother we tried to learn the others language. However, there was always a level of misunderstanding or frustration, it was unavoidable. Neither really meant to hurt eachother, but things just seemed to get lost in translation. It hurts, that he walked away, and it feels like he gave up, but if I am honest, I was exhausted myself. The only thing that kept us together was love, but neither of us had a solution. Destruction was our only destiny.

Break ups are never easy, but they happen for a reason. My ex and me both had our faults. Together we were both a bit selfish, childish, and stubborn, all bad combinations when it comes to a relationship. These are your own issues, and both of you have to be willing to work on yourselves if you want a chance at making it work. This is why it is not true when people tell you, all you need is love. Love is not a magical potion that will fix all your problems, and turn you in to a flawless person. In fact it has an opposite affect. It highlights your weaknesses, and you are given the choice to work together and fix them or to run. Sometimes people are not ready to face their problems, and grow up. They rather, feel nothing and deny the truth. They chose to surround themselves with people that let them remain as they are, avoiding responsibility or maturity.

Love comes easy, it is given to you. To keep it is a different story. It is a chance to grow, and learn, not simply to enjoy yourself with pleasure. Believing love is only meant to make you happy is childish. It is also made to teach you things,and expose your vulnerability and weaknesses. Do not run, it is the best gift you will ever receive.

take care