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Having a broken heart is the most painful experience that a person can experience. It is a pain that hits the deepest core of your existence, and shatters you like glass. A million shattered pieces later, you must reconstruct, but how?

First of all, do not get discouraged. This is perhaps one of the hardest challenges you will ever experience, and it wont be easy. After all, putting back a million pieces is difficult work. There will be mistakes, and there will be set backs, but thats okay, just keep trying.

Step 1:  Eliminate negative people from your life. The last thing you need when you are trying to glue yourself back together is someone smashing more pieces. If the negative people are family, and you can’t stay away, then get a nice pair of ear plugs, or opt for listening to music all the time.

Step 2: Look for glue, the strong kind. What I mean is, find people or things that make you feel good. Animals are also an amazing form of “glue”, who can resist a puppy or a fluffy kitten. 🙂

Step 3: Purge out the pain. Cry when you are sad, or write it out in a journal or blog. You need to get all your pain or anger out of your body. In order to really reconstruct you need a clean slate.

Step 4: Patience. You will get discouraged, you will feel pain, and it may take time. It really will be a battle between your brain, your heart and your patience.

Step 5: A new Passion for you. It is important this new passion belongs to you and not to a person. Whether it be a new hobby, a life goal, volunteering, schoolwork, whatever it is, find something you can absorb all your energy into. This will give yourself purpose and it will make you feel better.

Step 6: Nature Buddy. Go for a walk in the park, or in your neighborhood. Start gardening, or join a hike with friends. If you can, maybe go camping, or to the beach. Whenever I am closer to nature it feels like medication for my heart. I breather easier, and feel more calm.

Step 7: Meditation, Just take 10 min out of your day, somewhere quiet, and close your eyes.. Even just practicing breathing exercises releases stress and helps you grasp control of your anxiety.

Step 8: Believe in yourself. Know in your heart, you will get through this. You are strong enough, and smart enough, to figure this out. Never give up

Step 9: Exercise. Join a gym, a dance class, or start running. Rebuilding a heart is a lot of work, and the healthier you are the quicker It will heal.

Step 10: Fake it. Even if you are feeling miserable, look fabulous, and believe you are okay. Try tricking yourself. At first it may not work, but keep trying.

Take care. Xx