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My new hobby is gardening! There is a neglected corner on the side of my house and I have adopted it as my new project. ๐Ÿ™‚ I am planning on making it my little sanctuary, somewhere I can sit and read and enjoy my favorite flowers.

There is something about gardening that invigorates your soul. Being so close to the earth and touching the soil, somehow purifies you from this artificial reality we have created.ย Nature has unlocked all the secrets of life, and I believe the closer connected we are to it, the more clarity we have. ย For example, weeds that grow untamed around a beautiful rose, will entwine themselves around each vine, covering the beauty of the rose. You have to free this rose from the weeds or soon it will be destroyed. ย The longer you ignore these weeds, the more powerful they grow.

Just as you have to pull the weeds in your garden you have to carefully weed out the negative people, bad behavior, and temptation that emerge in your life. You have the choice to nurture the beauty that exists within you, or to neglect it and let it die. Empower the goodness that exists within you, and let yourself bloom into the garden that is your Destiny. Weeds will challenge you, and try to take over your warm heart, and the beauty you have on the inside. Feelings of hate, revenge, or jealousy, are constant emotions you will have to battle with. Fight the urge, if you fail, just pull them out. It maybe a constant battle, but never forget you are a beautiful rose, and your beauty is what we all need.