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It is a weird thought to think of your life as a Book or a Movie, but the fact is, everyday you live you are adding words, events, chapters, to the story of your life.

What kind of character are you? I play this game in my head everyday. First of all, I hope we are all the main character in our own life story and not a supporting character. If not, you need to make some changes, because that part belongs to you!

How do I play this game? It’s simple. For example, before I wore whatever was trendy. I never had my own personal style. I never thought about, who am I? What would my character wear? Then I started to think what clothing made me feel happiest, or what made me feel me. I emptied out my closest, and started adding only the clothing that felt like “me” and it was amazing what I realized. First of all, all the colors were around the same soft pastels. I enjoy, florals, soft fabrics. I could see my character emerge. This is what my character would chose to wear, this is who I am.  Blacks, or harsh designs, are not me. I had bought some, to give the trend a try, but now that I thought about it, it never felt like me.

Another way to play the game is to think what kind of character are you? Would you want to be the Hero or a victim? I chose not be the victim, because I dislike books where the main character spends her life feeling sorry for herself. I take my failures or disappointments, as challenges. I keep it in my mind, that it is easy to be great when life gives you roses, but the true test is how you act when it gives you thorns.

You can also play this game by refusing to have a boring life? Would you want to read a book where the main character eats chips, and watches tv for 3 chapters? That would be a pretty crappy book. Why not spice up those chapters with new events. Maybe take a salsa class, or a cooking class. Starting something new will open endless opportunities for new people to enter your life.

Live your life as if you are a writer. Thinking in third person has helped me immensely, to widen my opportunities, and accepting my failures and drama. For all the tears I wept, I can at least say, I would make for an interesting book. 😉

take care. 🙂