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Sometimes in life, there will be those moments you feel completely lost. No destination, no path, just confusion and fear.

Even if you do not know where you are going or what you are doing, believe in your heart it will all make sense in the future. Look at this moment like a piece of a puzzle. So many times you clean your home or find on the floor, a random puzzle piece. It makes no sense alone, but it makes complete sense when you see the big picture. That one piece is necessary for the puzzle to be complete. It maybe an insignificant, baby blue, with no design, but it holds its place as a necessary piece. So many situations in my life have made no sense at the moment, but now all those pieces seem to fit together and it made me who I am.

Now, like before, I am given a new set of strange shaped pieces. I know I am entering a new chapter in my life, and I have chosen my new goal and path, but, I feel blindfolded. I am a lone. No one will hold my hand, no one will tell me everything will be okay, I am alone. There is nothing to do but to toughen up. I know in my heart it has to be this way. If there was someone to take care of me, I would never toughen up. Day by day, I get stronger. I find my solutions, and deal with my mistakes. I keep going forward, believing, it will all make sense someday.

Take Care.