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Trapped. Tricked. Betrayed. Fear starts to crawl through your bones like little spiders, and you are paralyzed. Do you give up, or fight the fight?

So many times in life, you will be faced with a situation where you feel it is physically, mentally, and emotionally impossible to win. You are drained. There is not a drop of energy left, or inner will, you wave your flag proudly and surrender. After all, defeat is your only choice, right?

Wrong. I have a secret for you guys, you have an inner Superhero! Don’t laugh, when the going gets tough and things are at its blackest, you have the choice to push yourself to new levels. Things you find impossible are possible. Don’t believe me? What about airplanes, who knew we could ever fly, or the earth is actually round and not flat? How many times have you been in a situation where you thought it was absolutely impossible and somehow you made it through?

The fact is, we highly underestimate our limits. We judge our capabilities by what we have already accomplished, but completely deny the possibilities of what we will accomplish. What we CAN accomplish. Believe in your inner strength and push through. You will make it. šŸ™‚

Take care.