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Hoping to be happy someday is the same as trying to catch a rainbow. You can run and run, but you will never catch the rainbow, because it cannot be caught. Happiness is the same way. So many times we believe if we just had something we could be happy. Maybe its a person, a job, or material things. The fact is, Happiness is always with you. It is actually a choice to appreciate what you have and be happy, or to deny that you have anything and be unhappy.

To be fair, I know often times sadness feels like it comes out of nowhere. The power is so intense, it feels like nothing could make you happy. At these moments all you can do is cry it out, or sleep it off. When you are feeling, a bit better, go for a walk and think of simple things you are grateful for, or glad about. You can go back to your childhood, random things, or a fun vacation. The key is to fill your mind with happy thoughts. I guarantee your mood will improve. So many times when you are sad, you obsess about an idea and unwillingly decide to ride the merry-go-around of Terror. Negative thoughts multiply like cancer, and will take over you. Whatever you chose, remember, it is a choice.

Each thankful thought is a point closer to a smile. πŸ™‚