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Dumped. Your loved one has abruptly locked you out of their life. Your future, the word “we”, your everything seems stolen from your life and you have no idea how to move on. Frozen in time, you wait, just waiting for that text, email, or phone call. Fear and pain prevents you from stepping into the present and grasping your future. So you curl back into bed, with lights off and a tub of Ice cream and cry yourself to sleep. No longer do you care about being attractive, because, “Who cares? It won’t change anything”. Your hopes, and dreams all ruined, so why bother to hope anymore? Your heart is in pain all you want to do is wait, Why can’t people just understand? After all you’ve found your door, you’ve already found the one, you have no other choice but to wait.

You may wait in front if that locked door as long as you wish, but life goes on. That door may never open again and opportunities could be lost. It doesn’t mean you have to forget this person or stop loving them, or even to jump into a new relationship. All it means is to start back your life. You may have lost your loved one but you didn’t lose you. You deserve the new opportunities, new people, new friends, new places, new experiences, that all await you. Maybe even your loved one is also waiting in your future? Β Don’t waste your life, pausing your life in front of that locked door, because truth is, your loved one is no longer there. Regain your own personal strength, and open that new door, you owe it to yourself. Don’t waste your life.