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One moment they are there, the next they are gone. Vanished from your life. Your life forever changed, and the memories deeply engrained. Now you are alone again.

Many of us have experienced the horrible pain of losing a loved one, in one way or another. Whether it be by choice, death, or circumstances, it is always difficult for the one left behind to deal with the loss and to understand why.

Today, I received inspiration for this topic from an unusual place. As I was stuck on my couch, sick from stomach flu, the children’s movie, “Nanny McPhee Returns” came on. For those of you who do not know the story it is about a “magic” nanny who comes to the rescue of rather unruly children. She has a task of teaching these chilren 5 key lessons, and when they are learned she must go. The tasks are 1. To stop fighting 2. To share 3. To work together 4. To be brave 5. To have Faith

The key phrase of the movie is as follows,

“When you need me,

but do not want me,

I will stay.

When you want me,

but do not need me,

Then I have to go.”

This phrase had a powerful impact on me, because so often we are completely consumed with our own grief we fail to see the lessons we have learned. Your love for this person allowed you to learn things only this person could teach you. They guided you and taught you things about life that only they could do. Now their job is done, and they must go. You want them to stay but like the story, when you no longer need them, they “must” go.

It is a powerful thought to believe that every one in your life is carefully orchestrated to help you become the person you must be. Maybe it is true? Maybe it is part of some strange law of nature as soon as you learn whatever you need to learn this person will disappear from your life? Anything is possible.

Rather than dwelling on your broken heart, and the endless number of why’s, maybe this is the sacrifice needed for you to become whoever it is you are suppose to be. The bigger picture is not making yourself happy but fulfilling your purpose.

Have faith in yourself and your life. Every situation is put there for a reason.