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At first glance,

I knew…

I loved you.

Living in two worlds,

we never could be.

I gave my voice,

my home,

my family.

I gambled my life,

to have a chance.

Wanting some how

to be part of your world.

When I received my legs,

as painful as they were,

like daggers of shooting pain,

I twirled, and twirled.

I thought you were mine,

but you chose another,

now she is your wife.

The setting sun is calling my name,

My fate was almost decided.

The only way to save myself,

my only chance to survive.

I look at you pretty face,

sleeping with your wife.

Tears falling down my face,

knowing it was not possible.

I could never hurt you.

I kissed your forehead goodbye,

whispering, “I love you.”

As I returned back into the sea,

Consumed by the spell.

My fate was sealed.

Nothing but a bubble,

for eternity…


This is based on the Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Andersen