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It is a popular tradition among lovers to write their initials on a lock, and throw away the key in the river, promising to love each other forever. You can find these locks all over the world but probably most famously in France.Β 

It is an extremely romantic gesture, that proves at the heart of love there is attachment. Attachment, makes us desire to lockdown the love, because the idea of it ending is too painful to consider. The problem is, whether it be a lock or marriage, promising to love forever is only done to appease your fears. The power of love can never be locked down. It is a human weakness to want someone to promise you to love you forever. Of course, you wish the person you love will love you forever, but I realized this is out of your control. The future does not belong to you. This is why each day you spend should be spent as if is the last. Cherish the moments you have because the beauty of life is created by not knowing when it can all be taken away.