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Love is…

According to Yasmin Mogahed, a well known psychologist, she believes pure love contains no attachment, fear, or dependency.  She claims “the purest love is caring only what you can give because you’re already full.”To me the purest form of love is a mothers love for her baby. Does a mother not feel attachment for her baby? Does a mother not fear? Of course she does, whenever you love someone so deeply they become part of you. It is normal to feel these things, about someone so special to you. It allows you to form a bond with someone, that makes it possible for you to accept all the negatives along with the positives.

“Attached”, is what makes love so powerful. When you are attached you are forced to deal with problems, and you have to go through painful situations. You are forced to face your own problems, and if you were not attached who would stick around? Love would have no power over anyone if you weren’t attached. It is not realistic. Humans do not function in this way. It is true we have our own problems that will make a love situation worse, but the instigator is always love. It throws you off balance and test all aspects of your strength and security. It really is a battle field.

Love is unpredictable, and unexplainable. It’s power can never be measured. Even to this day, my soul feels attached to my ex. I don’t want anything from him, I wish him happiness with everything he does, I can’t hate him. I can’t forget him. To me this is love.