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So many of us have a handful of our own problems, the thought of doing something nice for someone else seems like the least of our worries. However, the truth of the matter is, doing something nice or helping others is the the cure to an unhappy heart. It may not fix your own problems, but your emotional state will improve. So often your own problems, leave you powerless, and without solution. Unable to make a change to your unhappy situation. However, helping someone else is something everyone can do. It maybe be something small. A simple thank you for being a good friend, or buying some bread for a homeless person. I guarantee you it will make you feel better. 

When we focus so much of our energy on our own problems, we are stuck on an idea that makes you feel powerless. However, when you focus your energy on someone else, even for a second, you give yourself a small priceless gift of love. 

Before you laugh at this theory, just give it a try. It is easy to feel sorry for yourself, but the true reward is found in seeing what you can do for others.