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When we think of Bullying we usually have flashbacks to our awkward school days. However, bullying is found everywhere. Whether it is in the work place, family, internet, or love life, it is everywhere. No age group is not a victim to this bad behavior.

What is Bullying? It is actually a very primal quality that we all have within us. We are all capable of bullying, and sometimes we don’t even notice ourselves doing it. When people struggle inside, they often search for weaknesses in others to feel better about themselves. Bullies, are weak and insecure people, that need your happiness to feel better. This means, a victim actually has power over the bully, they just do not realize it. A bully cannot survive, if you don’t let them. They need you to fear them, and your confidence so they can feel better about them self, Without your reaction, they are miserable. You are the distraction, from a bully realizing what is the true problem within them. Their power is all fake, An illusion. Any power they have, you gave it to them. A truly confident person would have no need for your power, and would never put you down.

So what can you do if you are Bullied? Here are 7 ways to deal with a Bully.

1 ) Realize you have the power.The more you react whether it be fear, or loss of confidence, the stronger they become.

2) Don’t be distracted by how bad they make you feel, they are the one with the problem. They need you to feel worthy.

3) Poker Face. Hide that it bothers you. A bully lives for your reaction. Crying, anger, sadness, fear, annoyance, is why they do it. They want your reaction, don’t fall in their trap.

4) Surprise them. They expect you to get angry or hurt. Why not surprise them with some love? Seriously, catch them off guard and watch how surprised their eyes get when you return their insults with acts of kindness. For example, if someone is taunting you and calling you fat. Just smile and say, “I hope you have a nice day.” I guarantee, it will be followed with awkward silence and a baffled face.

5) Posture. Slouching, or looking down, portrays defeat. Straighten up and face your bully with confidence even if you have to fake it.

6) Eye contact. Look straight into the eyes of your bully and tell them to stop. Avoiding eye contact makes them believe, they have already won, and what they are doing is working.

7) Speak up. Without being emotional, make it clear their behavior is sad, and you will not stoop to their level. If all else fails and it continues to get worse, notify an authority figure.