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True Love, does it exist? This is a complicated question because, in order to answer that you have to know what true love is. Unfortunately, there is no solid right answer to this topic, and therefore it results in a billion contradicting answers.

My opinion is this, people who have lost faith in true love, are those who believe the false information of what true love is. So many people will tell you, love is perfect. If he or she loves you then they would never hurt you, betray, or deceive you. True love, conquers all, and never ends, it is forever.

I believe this false propaganda is the downfall for people who want to believe in love. How can you expect ” Love” to be perfect when humans are extremely imperfect creatures. We have so many flaws, insecurities, and bad habits. How can we expect two flawed people, to never hurt each other, or make mistakes, all in the name of love? In fact, being in ‘love’ seems to highlight those flaws and you are faced with a choice, fight or flight. Either you stay and fight your inner demons and fix your problems, or you flight, meaning you runaway from your problems through denial or actually leaving. Sometimes, falling in love scares people. Being so vulnerable scares them, they run somewhere less exposed. Does this mean the love wasn’t true? Not at all. This means they are cowardly, immature, and they lost their chance at true love. Just like anything in life, you are given a choice. Love is like a moving train, and you either decided to get on, and go forward, or get off and stay where you are.

The complicated thing about love is, you are dealing with 2 people. Even though one is willing to hop on that train and face whatever problems, it wont work unless you both agree. Love is a wonderful thing, but if you want the kind where you grow old together, it is not guaranteed to everyone. Some lucky people, will be matched with lovers who are mature, and capable of working through their problems together. Unfortunately, others maybe matched up with a immature person, that will run, hide, or deny. Whatever the case, true love is something only you can judge. It is not determined by the number of days or number of answered promises. The emotion and experience is like nothing anyone can describe But it can be for an instant moment, or a lifetime. Even for just a second, if you can experience it, you know its power. It changes you for life.  Love, is never determined by the length in time but by the impact they had on your life.