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These have been the darkest of days. If you have followed my blogs, you know my life has experienced several difficult moments these past months, where my character has been tested over and over again. Eveyday, is a struggle for me, especially the mornings. I convince myself everything is happening for a reaon, I lie, I bribe, whatever it takes to get me out of bed and make it a good day.

However, today is different. Today I received a surprise gift from a friend. This person left these beautiful flowers and a cellphone for me at my doorstep. With it, a small note that wished me luck on my fresh start. For those of you who do not know, since I came bank from Europe, my wallet was stolen. I lost all my credit cards, which my mom wouldn’t replace, and I went from having 2 phones to 0. Receiving a cellphone was so amazing, because it is such a necessary tool to start your business. It was such an unexpected nice gesture, it really makes me believe there are angels on this earth. 🙂 I hope one day soon I can return the favor to this friend or to someone else. Sending you all my love!