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The first gift you gave me was strength. No one ever loved me the way you did. The way you looked at me with your sparkling eyes, with pools of tears, I knew you loved me. At first it scared me, and I pushed you away. You never gave up, and little by little I grew to trust and need you. My heart was yours.

Soon that gift of strength, became a burden. Like heavy weights on your shoulders, I needed you, I depended on you, all you wanted was to be free. I was scared. Holding on so tight. I had lost my confidence to stand alone. The strength you gave me was not my own. It left me scared. What would I do when you would take it back? How could I go on, without you?

Then that day, that fatal day, you left me. You were free, and regained your strength. I was powerless, and so alone. Falling deeper, and deeper into fear, my body growing, weaker. My spirit, my soul slipping from myself. So fatal I was, I needed to make a choice. To let go and start a new, or chase the past and disappear.

My heart broke, and shattered, I did not care. My hand unaware, grabbed a chance and I looked to the light. I let go of my dear past, and took a chance in the blind light of what would come.

My dear, how I will miss you. How I hated you, and how I loved you.  By leaving me, you gave me back my strength, and the courage to start back again. This was your last gift to me….even if you don’t even know….thank you.