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Believe it or not these are actual diamonds. They are raw diamonds still rough and unpolished. It looks pretty similar to normal rocks you see randomly scattered around the ground, and yet these are worth millions! If you don’t look carefully, you could easily toss one out, or disregard them as nothing more than a worthless pebble.

So how do you know if you are a pebble or a diamond? People disregard you, everyday and seem to easily leave you or hurt you. How much could you possibly be worth if everyone seems to believe you are worthless?
The fact is, people have about the same knowledge of detecting a real diamond from a fake one as they do about judging a good person from a bad one. Only you can know your worth. You know your inner most secrets. You know how you live your life, and what you value as important. It doesn’t matter how successful you are or how popular you might be, these are surface rewards. All the effort in the world to polish your exterior will never allow you to shine as bright as the real thing.