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“Once upon a time”, are the first words uttered in all fairytales. It never starts with an exact date, time,  or hour, because that is not the way our heart works. Our heart cannot be programmed or set into a schedule or planner. It comes when you least expect it and can disappear just as unexpectedly.

The heart beats to a different rhythm of time. If you can look back to these moments when you were in love, did you notice how differently the world felt? I remember walks under the moonlight, a kiss under the snow, or holding hands at the movies, and I could swear, time had stopped, quickened, or slowed.  The more present I was in my own heart, the further I felt from time itself. The word “forever”, doesn’t  feel unreal,  or unreachable. In fact nothing seems impossible, because everything you feel has nothing to do with what you were taught or told. You are stuck in a moment, purest to your heart, where anything is possible.

The “time” we most closely relate to is the mechanical kind. We are ruled by the mathematical, tics and tocks of our perfectly subdivided life. This control, organizes, and allows us to sleep through life completely isolated from eachother and the earth itself. Before we had clocks, people related time to the sun, the seasons, the stars, or the moon. Their world was constantly related to the the earth and each other. However, this quickly changed because this was not perfectly, reliable, things would change, and vary. We created something that would not change, that was organized, and “perfect” . Unfortunately, life does not work this way and neither does the heart. We are more disconnected and isolated from each other than ever. Next time you are with the one you love, whether it is your family, or loved one, put the clock down, and open your heart. Get away from the tick of the clock, and listen to the beat of your heart.