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The memories, were they real? Was it not you that walked with me in the moonlight and kissed my hand gently telling me you would love me forever? Where did you go, that person that loved me, that person I am still in love with? What happened?

My only answer is, love must be blInd. It was like one day you opened your eyes, and realize you were in love with a fictional character. The person that loved you just stands there lifeless and cold, literally a stranger. They are totally able to move on, live their life, and yet you are not. They might as well be a stuffed animal, actually that would be nice, then you could at least cuddle with them, lol. My point is, I feel most people go into shock when all of a sudden the person they love is just over it. It is the difference between being alive and dead, and this shock is devastating to most people.

One thing that helped me was I stopped beating myself down and wonder things like, what you did wrong, or how you could fix it. Sometimes, people just change or sometimes you are so in love that you dont see what you dont want to see. I liked this photo, because it reminds you, how silly it is to chase or beg someone who is over it. They are no longer the person you love, they might as well be a stuffed animal. You have to let go and move on.