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Today was my first day as a violin teacher at Orchepia Music School. I was so excited about my job. I love music, and I wanted to make a difference, and be a positive influence.  I was excited that my life seemed to be finally looking up.

As I gave my first lessons and met my students one by one, I was immediately shocked to see that none of my new students could play. They were taught absolutely nothing. They could not read music, count, or hold the bow correctly. These students, have studied at this school for more than a year, and parents pay countless amounts of money believing their child is being taught. I thought to myself, is this music school a scam? These students had been paying good money for years and they know nothing. They do not have any scale books, technique books, nothing, just one Suzuki Book. I immediately noticed one student who had taken 2 years at Orchepia, and was holding her bow completely wrong. The fingers were basically gripping the bow, a definite neglect of the previous teacher. I immediately, fixed this mistake and told the child and the parents this needed to be corrected. Of course the parents, were shocked, because for 2 years the previous teacher had taught their daughter to play this way. They did not know who to believe. They also voiced their concerned to me that their daughter was not taught how to read music and asked if it was normal after two years. I was honest, and said, I do not understand why she was not taught how to read music, and it should be the obligation of the school. The parents, then spoke their concerns to the school, and instead of doing the right thing, and apologize to the family, they fired me for speaking the truth.

Parents please be aware, do not believe because you pay money that a business will not take advantage of you or your child.  Check to see what they are learning and trust your basic instincts. All I know is, all the money in the world is not worth taking advantage of kids. I spoke the truth, and I got fired. Doing the right thing may leave you homeless, jobless, or punished, but please do it. Your decisions create the future we all have to live in.