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Has someone ever caused you so much pain, you wonder why would someone do this? What have you done to deserve such cruel behavior?

The fact is, it has nothing to do with you. These people, are actually filled with so much pain and hate, they are looking for ways to get it out. Have you ever heard the saying, ” People push you away, when they need you the most?” Lately, I wonder if that was the case with my ex. He said so many cruel things to me, and they seemed to come out of nowhere. Now that I think about it, he was acting oddly depressive, the past weeks, and I wonder if he was actually struggling internally in some way. Unfortunately, the tough part is, when people get like this, there is nothing you can really do. You can not be help if they don’t want to be. Pushing away the people that care about you or inflicting pain, is not the way to get help. Although I do not know the cure to help people who cause pain, I can remind the victims to keep their heads high and don’t let them get you down. In the end, the bullies are the biggest victims of all.