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Ever since we can remember, we have been instructed to behave a certain way. Follow these rules and achieve success. Discipline, is a necessary factor in achieving your goals but  should it be at the price of your individual “uniqueness”?

I can remember back to my childhood days, and being a “good” student meant to be the perfect copy of the teacher’s example. Follow  the directions, and do not ask questions. Although I do believe this method does work when you are trying to train children, I fear the outcome. What kind of adults will we create for our future? The inability to think for ourselves, is extremely common in our modern society. I know so many people, that seem to have no grasp of their own beliefs. They simply live their life, by what they were taught or what everyone around them is doing. What do you feel? What do you want? What makes you unique?

Uniqueness should be celebrated from a young age. As an adult, I constantly try to remind myself to remain true to myself. If I feel a different opinion from friends, or a group meeting, I force myself to say it. Everyone should force themselves to speak up and share their ideas. As crazy, controversial, or silly as an idea might be, your uniqueness should be appreciated and could lead to something great.