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We all do it. We all think it, but Why? My theory is simple, it is the “glass is half empty” syndrome. We focus our energy on what we don’t have and completely disregard what we do. We convince ourselves our lives would be better if we could just have that other half of the glass filled. We look to others around us and can very easily see their blessings.

She got your guy, not fair, right? What does she have that you do not? Is she prettier, smarter, sweeter, funnier? Why can everyone else seem to find happiness and not you? Although a cute little pity parade for yourself, why chose to break yourself down. Just like an on and off switch, turn the negativity off and switch on the light. Open your eyes and realize everything you do have. Do you know how likely it is that someone near you is probably envying your life? Others can see how amazing you are, but if you are so focused on what you wish you had, you waste everything. You may not get the guy, but that doesn’t mean you lack anything. In fact, if he cannot see how great you are, he is clearly not good enough for you. Actually, you are not good enough for yourself if you do not start to appreciate who you are.

Your glass is half full, smile, and be fabulous.