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Sweet, sweet revenge. Why is it that our natural instinct is to seek revenge when we are  hurt somehow? We feel it will somehow cure the pain, or justify the pain inflicted on you. But reality is, REGRET, is all you are left with plus the pre-existing pain, which by the way is still there.

Recently, I was dumped, and it hurts terribly. You are filled with so much pain and unanswered questions. There is so much confusion about how feelings could change so quickly and how to deal with all your affections  for someone who no longer wants it. Of course, my initial instinct was to somehow take the pain I felt and send it flying back at him. I wrote him so many mean things I didn’t mean at all and wished him unhappiness. This was not a remedy. The guilt quickly seeped into my veins and I felt a heaviness on my heart. The fact is, I love him, and hurting someone you love would never bring you peace. It really is a battle between your primal instincts to protect your ego verses your heart.  So this time I decided to send him an honest email. I wished him well, and told him I would always love him.  Honestly my heart instantly felt at peace. Who would think that would make you feel better, but it did. I must warn you though the urge to send a mean email expressing all the horrible things he did, does not go away, but I control it, and chose to take the high road.