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Have you ever noticed how people who are seemingly intelligent, do the most ignorant things because the people around them do? Instead of researching facts on their own, they base their decisions by what is socially accepted.

I started to think about this issue today because I spoke to a very dear friend of mine, whom I believe is socializing with the wrong crowd. His use of marijuana has gone from occasional, to regular. He is extremely intelligent, talented, and successful. Im so scared this very special person will disappear, because of his ignorant habit.

What could I do? I can’t force him to stop, he is not a child, and you can’t ditch friends. I basically spent the next hour, researching about cannabis and the direct effect it has on the brain. I then sent him an email with easy to understand diagrams, and pictures. I picked out specific sections that affect his career directly, and what concerns he should have.

The only cure for this virus called “ignorance” is knowledge. Guard yourself from following the crowd, and prevent the virus from spreading. In the age of Google, wikipedia, and Iphone Apps, there is no excuse for anyone not to do a little research.