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When you love someone so much, how do you let go?

Many times people feel that letting go is a form of failure. However, it is often overlooked that the final step of love is always a form of letting go. Whether it be by death, divorce, or break up, the last step is always a goodbye. This is the nature of love. The length of time you have together, is unknown, and it doesn’t determine the quality of that love either.

Quality should be determined by how true and pure your heart was at the moment you loved this person. Those memories you had, good or bad, made you into a better person. Any love driven by, greed, or selfish desires, are imitations on love and useless.

Time is not something we can control. Whether you want it or not time will continue to change everything. Don’t fight it, but cherish the moments you have. πŸ™‚