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Hello Darlings…
  Recently, I have become obsessed with the poems of Rumi. His writtings on love are so beautiful and true, they have made me question many things in my own life.
     This quote, ” Love risks everything and asks for nothing” by Rumi, is absolute perfection. How many people do you know that are capable of loving someone without asking anything back? Could you love to this point? Human beings, are naturally, “selfish” by nature. This is because it goes back to our animal instincts and the need for survival. It is natural to feel, you deserve a “return” for the love, time, and energy you put into that person, and when that is not the case we feel cheated, tricked, and foolish. Trust me, I’ve been there, constantly worrying when or if my significant other would betray my affection. We feel the need to label, and brand each other as belonging to each other. We demand rings or commitments, or deem the relationship a waste of time. It is said love is not love unless, he is faithful, or if he never makes you cry, or if he is not there for you in your time of need. Basically, society says it is wrong to love if you are not loved back. Of course, this seems logical, but if you think a little deeper, maybe there is something more important in life than fulfilling your own happiness. After all, many times people fall madly in love with people who are not loving you back. Is it foolish to continue to love this person? In my opinion, you don’t have a choice. You will continue to love this person no matter, so why not just accept it?  For the first time in your life you are selfless, you are beautiful.
  You guys are probably shaking your head now, thinking this girl is crazy? Well, maybe I am, but I don’t think life is so simple as right and wrong. If the saying is true, “love conquers all”, then  I hope I will one day be conquered enough to love more than myself. After all, being able to really love, is more rewarding than being loved.
On another note, I know most of you who have followed me, are probably scratching your head, wondering what ever happened to my money making plan “pennies to a million”? I will be writing more about that soon.