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Hello ladies and Gents!

24 hrs left till the most dreaded day of the year or the most romantic day? Which one are you? There is so much advertisement around this holiday on televison, internet, and magazines, It’s literally impossible to ignore it! From what I notice living in Europe, there is so much more pressure in America.

In Europe, it is not a huge holiday that glamorizes how much you are loved.  If you wanted to ignore that it was Valentine’s Day it was very easy to do. In fact most people disliked the holiday as commercial, and silly. Although I don’t think Valentine’s Day is silly, and I admit to being the demanding “princess” girlfriend on this very holiday. I do believe making it so commercial and materialistic is unfair. If you think about it, businesses are making money off of the insecurities of human nature. The dreaded calculations of how much do you love me? Is it a kind of love like lets go get a burger, or do you Really love me like a fancy full course dinner with a violin, roses and chocolates? Or do you just not love me at all and opt to do nothing?

I must be honest with you guys, I loved the fancy dinners, the roses, chocolates, and jewels! Making your Girlfriend or wife feel like a princess for a day is priceless! If you do it because you want to make her happy, and your heart is in the right place, it is not commercial. Don’t forget, it’s all about the heart. A poem, a video of memories, or going to the place you met are just as nice. Doing nothing? That is a definite no. nothing is worse than being single and alone on  V-Day except, being in a relationship and alone on V-Day.

For those of you who are single, and the existence of this day is useless, don’t let such a fun holiday go to waste! I know I wont waste it. Last year, I had the most romantic Valentine’s Day, but this year I will be alone with my mom. I still plan to celebrate it, maybe cut a frozen pizza in a heart or bake some cookies, 🙂