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How many of you can remember what you wanted to be when you were a kid? For me it was a ballerina. Night and day all I would do is twirl and twirl. Unfortunately, I had 2 older brothers, who were in karate and when I saw them breaking wood, all I wanted was Karate. What was I thinking?

So here I am, all grown up and not a professional Ballerina. As I start the next chapter of my life, finding my place in this world, I drift back to those innocent years where anything was possible and your dreams had no limits. When did life go from chasing dreams to chasing money? Perhaps the stress of paying bills, and social acceptance is a reason to forget you have passions and desires. Im not sure if its the depression or lack of job that is making me see so clear, but I am filled with passion and desires to create a very personal project. Now all I have to do is believe in myself to actually do it. Wish me luck. šŸ™‚