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Is this love? If you were to hit me with a magic stick and cursed me into a shoe, this is what you would get. I know my readers are probably shaking their head thinking, what are you doing looking at expensive shoes?! Has she fallen off the wagon? Rest assured I have not fallen off the wagon, I have no plans of purchasing them, and even if i wanted to, it wouldn’t be possible. I still have no credit cards, and I think it’s best to keep it that way for a while. Lets put it this way, my purchases with credit cards always feel like I’m receiving a gift. I show them this shiny magic card, the store wraps me a gorgeous gift, and a month later I receive a heart attack sealed in a white envelope called a bill. A shrill of fear, a quick remorse and then denial. 

Does that mean I will never be able to buy Louboutins again? No! I came up with a financial plan, inspired by my childhood book club days. Back in the day I would be rewarded by prizes by how many books I read, and the more books the better the prize. My financial plan will go something like this, the first $100 I can gift myself $10, first $1000 I can gift myself $100. Basically 10 % of whatever my income will be. Are adults too old for goal setting? I find it motivational, but can you imagine, I have to make $10,000 to justify buying Louboutins! Now that is a sour bite of reality!