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Hi Friends!

Today I found a a cool new app that I decided to share with you. Its called Friendcaller and you can call anyone in the world for free. The cool part is you can earn your credit every time you watch a short advertisement of an app. How is this different from skype? Well you can call a cell phone and it is great because you can just give a quick ring to your friends mobile to come onto skype or face time and its all free. I was so excited when I found this because all my friends are in Europe and I have no cell phone anymore or phone card.

Once I found this app it made me curious if there were any other apps that would earn some money, and there were. Here is a link to a page that covers the top 17 money earning apps! http://yappler.com/article/1441/17-apps-that-can-earn-you-money-for-iphone-ipad

The app Checkpoint is this cute app where you can play games and other tasks and you can earn points to buy cool things like an ipad or even my personal favorite and Hermes bag! 🙂 really? I must admit i just discovered these apps so i don’t know if they will really reward you such gifts but i will keep you updated. I also would like to warn you some tasks are to fill out information regarding your mobile number and today my mother was quite unhappy i gave it out. telemarketers will most likely call, her phone was ringing like crazy. Take care friends.. ❤