Hi friends!

Yesterday was a hard day, but today I received an encouraging message from one of my followers and it really gave me the strength to try again! Thank you to stringtheories910 and go check out his blog too! Let me just say, you would be surprised how a few words can make the world of a difference in someones life. If ever you witness bullying, or someone who needs a little help or push in the right direction, don’t look away. I know I wont…

Today I’ve decided to start as a fresh start. So what better way than some early spring cleaning! I got myself out of bed and decided to go through my closet and to throw out all things I no longer use. It was quite a comical experience. It somehow turned into a fashion show/comedy/drama. Many things I really don’t need but I justify needing it with hilarious explanations. For example, this coach bag is not really my style anymore and it is a bit childish but I justify it as the perfect “amusement park bag”. I figure if ever I go to the amusement park I will need a cross body canvas bag, and the childish aspect suits the amusement park theme, no? So basically my minnie spring cleaning turned into a minnie marathon, running back and forth from the Β “to sell” and “to keep” Piles. I definitely will have to go through my “to keep” pile again, but Im proud I could let go of some things. I will go to a local clothing exchange and see if it will get me some cash. πŸ™‚ Im a bit skeptical since i basically kept everything I like, but lets just hope the saying is true, ” One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”