Today is a bad day. Im back in bed, in the dark and depressed. I feel so trapped. I was suppose to continue my day of postivity by finding things to sell, but a fight with my mom has quickly made me feel helpless again. You need money to make money. You need experience to get a job. Not to mention I dont have a car so I have to ask my mom in order to go anywhere. Just about 2 months ago I was living in europe, and I could do as I pleased, sipping on cocktails, late night dinners with friends…and now im back living at my moms, no friends, no money, and very little hope. To let you know a little about me, I spent the last 7 years in Europe getting my Bachelors and Masters in music. I was working there for the last 2 year doing some freelance work, meanwhile starting to feel very lost and unhappy with my career choice. I love music, but the extreme stress has made me so unhappy and almost phobic to touch my instrument. It is a extremely lonely life, but now the financial strain is suffocating me.