Dear friend,

So this is day 2 of my daily Blog, “Pennies to a million” and let me start by thanking all of you who have been so kind to subscribe to my blog.

Today I googled ways to make some money and I picked 5 ways I felt were possible for me to make some quick money.

1.) Sell things you no longer need.

2.) Tutor or give lessons

3.) Start a dog walking business

4.) Get creative! Make artsy things to sell.

5.) Find a job.

So i wrote these down in my favorite gold and pink journal and made it in a checklist so I remember to actually do it. Isn’t it amazing how many things we buy and never use? Tomorrow I will look for things that I don’t need and rummage through my closet. I know I have many things that would bring me back a pretty penny but the question is, can i let got? I have this strange but adorable voice in my head that justifies all of my extravagant purchases and I am pretty sure she will say I need to keep it all. 🙂