Dear Reader,

I have currently $3.25 saved in a pink bunny coin bank. I have no job and my deliciously gorgeous, forest green Valentino wallet was stolen in Europe. I have no car, no credit cards, and moved back home to live with my mom. I am dressed in head to toe designer couture, and am suddenly awoken to a life of reality. Harsh! No more shopping, no more Laduree macarons, no more sumptuous dinners, and definitely no more  sparkling pink champagne!

So basically, I’ve spent a good month living in my bed feeling depressed and groveling in my own pity. I cried, i screamed, I slept, but the thing is, Im still poor.  This is the next step in my life. I have no choice but to grow up and figure it out.  Join me on my journey to figure out creative ways to make a million, one penny at a time!